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Let Purple Travel guide you on the best things to see and do and where to stay on Dominican Republic holidays

The absolute staple dishes to try during your holidays in the Dominican Republic
Best beaches in the Dominican Republic!
Where to? The best all inclusive resort towns in the Dominican Republic
Family Holidays in the Dominican Republic vs Family holidays in Cancun: Both exotic but who wins? Here is the answer!
Purple 10: hot swim-up bars
Purple Tips: 5 Affordable Caribbean Holidays
Punta Cana Travel Guide

The absolute staple dishes to try during your holidays in the Dominican Republic


Dominican republic holidays

Booking holidays to the Dominican Republic usually entails tropical beaches, fine sands and lots of fun under the sun. All inclusive resorts and a multitude of restaurants will certainly satisfy your hunger after a long day at the beach by providing any kind of cuisine you might be after. However, the exotic and sunny Dominican Republic is also well endowed with a rich variety of traditional tasty dishes, combining Latin, African, Asian and local influences into a broad palette of flavours. Hard as it is to distinguish amongst the culinary goodness of the Dominican Republic, we have decided to present you with 5 of the most popular and unique dishes this sunny land has to offer.

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Best beaches in the Dominican Republic!

Beaches Dominican Republic

Welcome to the Dominican Republic! The Caribbean island of Hispaniola is amongst the most blessed on earth and we really can’t find enough good words to describe it. Home to rainforests, waterfalls, majestic mountains and of course endless tropical white sand beaches, holidays in the Dominican Republic are made for enjoying what the Caribbean landscape is about. As the beaches on offer on this part of the island are numerous, we have decided to mention our favourite and maybe persuade you to daydream and become one of the lucky travellers to have their holidays in the Dominican Republic.

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Where to? The best all inclusive resort towns in the Dominican Republic

Holidays in the Dominican Republic

Holidays in the Dominican Republic are amongst the best things that you could ever do to treat yourself and family. The multitude of stunning resorts on the island cover everything, from boutique and luxury amenities to friendly priced all inclusive experiences. Starting from the all famous Punta Cana to the unspoilt and less developed Samana, each resort beach has its own unique character and settings. In order to help you decide which place to choose, we have compiled some of the best places to go to if you are looking for the best all inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic.

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Family Holidays in the Dominican Republic vs Family holidays in Cancun: Both exotic but who wins? Here is the answer!

Family Holidays in the Dominican Republic

Looking for exotic destinations to visit with family isn’t as easy as it initially seems. On one hand, the Majestic beaches, ruins and cenotes of Cancun, on the other the tropical, Caribbean goodness and stunning looks of the Dominican Republic. Say that you would like to visit both but realistically you only have the funds to do one. Which one do you choose? Choosing the ideal family holiday destination is not easy and the volume of information about both is simply too much to digest. Ideally we would advise you to follow your gut but in order to give it more of a reason to choose one destination over the other, here are the reasons and most possibly the answer to this mind boggling question. Family holidays in Cancun or Family holidays in the Dominican Republic?

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Purple 10: hot swim-up bars

Who doesn’t like holidays with a little luxury now and then? Eh… nobody, right?! So, we’ve got the best ideas for swim-up bars. These are more like little slices of luxury (mostly in the Caribbean) where you don’t even need to get out of the pool to enjoy a cocktail or a beer. Could you imagine anything more luxurious? Us neither, that’s why we’ve found the 10 best swim-up bars anywhere. Ever! Enjoy.


1.      Catalonia Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


2.      Room Mate Grace, New York City


3.      Hotel Punta Islita, Costa Rica


4.      The Westin Resort & Spa, Los Cabos



5.      Riu Ocho Rios, Jamaica


6.      ClubHotel Riu Negril, Jamaica


7.      Dreams La Romana, Domincan Republic


8.      Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino


9.      Bel Air Collection Resort and Spa, Cancun


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10.   Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas

Purple Tips: 5 Affordable Caribbean Holidays

Many of the islands now offer excellent budget getaways – thanks to an increase in affordable accommodations, food and shopping. And of course, the region’s biggest draw – those powdery white, pal tree-lined beaches – don’t have to cost a thing. We’ve compiled a guide to the Caribbean’s five most affordable destinations.  Enjoy our 5 most affordable Caribbean Holidays.

Punta Cana

Known as the Cancun of the Dominican Republic due to its huge amount of low-priced all-inclusive resorts, Punta Cana is a bargain-hunters haven. Offering everything from oceanfront views to delicious international cuisine, this tourist hotspot is one of the cheapest escapes in the Caribbean.


Cancun’s cheap price tag is just one of its many draws. As one of the most popular Caribbean destinations, from weddings and honeymoons to family getaways and holidays with friends, Cancun has steadily become one of the most recognised names in the travel world. Although a less authentic Mexican experience (the purpose-built resort was built up from nothing), you’re guaranteed a successful holiday-to-remember, at a fraction of the price of many other destinations nearby.

Puerto Rico

Powdery soft sands, shimmering turquoise water, fresh seafood in abundance, and lots of rum cocktails – Puerto Rico offers travellers the chance to experience all the Caribbean has to offer. Like most Caribbean destinations, staying inside the city itself or the surrounding area are both suitable ways to holiday on the cheap. Goods are also ridiculously cheap, but be careful not to go overboard with so much on offer!


Laid back, breathtaking scenery and with the best coffee in the world, Jamaica is a popular tourist hotspot for obvious reasons. This island appeals to all types and although it may be a little pricier than say, Puerto Rico or the Bahamas, travellers shouldn’t have too much trouble finding cheap flights and cheap, but comfortable accommodation.

Puerto Plata

According to Frommer’s, “Puerto Plata appeals to a mass-market crowd that prefers less expensive, all-inclusive resorts.” This Dominican Republic resort town is a fantastic choice for those looking for an action-packed holiday – there’s plenty for travellers to do away from the hotel, from watersports in Cabarete to spectacular sights like the Damajaqua Cascades (27 Waterfalls).

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Punta Cana Travel Guide

What do Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and the Clintons have in common? They’ve all been spotted paddling in the jewel coloured waters or strolling on the glorious white, sandy beaches of the Dominican Republic. The rich culture of the small Caribbean country makes it one of the most interesting and varied destinations we can think of.

It shares land with the nation of Haiti, making up the island of Hispaniola. It was first inhabited by the Taínos people, before becoming the first European settlement when Christopher Columbus landed in 1492. Since the 70s it’s become a tourist hotspot, for people who want to discover this historic and vibrant country, while we couldn’t mention a Caribbean destination without a little mention of the weather and beaches, which really are to die for.

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