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Purple 10: Hottest Bikinis 2014
Swimsuit Care How to look after your designer bikini
Foodie Corner: The Best Christmas Food
Facepalm: World’s Worst Sunburn
Hot Swimwear Trends for Spring/Summer 2013
Get ready for the beach with our bikini diet tips.
How to Achieve Both Comfort and Style on a Long Haul Flight
Celeb watch: Katy Perry and co hit the beach in January
Holiday like a Victoria’s Secret model
Where to shop in New York during Fashion Week

Purple 10: Hottest Bikinis 2014

If you’re a shrinking violet, maybe best to steer clear of these amazing very cool swimming clothes (I’ve already been called on out on these not being bikinis – but I can’t do the word ‘swimwear’. So, hottest bikinis 2014  or other title suggestions in the comments please!

1. You’ll definitely stand out with this Cool Bralette bikini via @

Cool bralette bikini
2. Prim and proper in this gorgeous Michael Kors swimsuit for SS 2014 via @ Elle on PinterestMichael Kors

3. This will cause some serious tan lines… but who cares! It’s certain to get you noticed on the beach.

Crazy tan lines bikinoi

4. Nothing says “Look at Me” like a swimsuit made of galloping horses. You can get yours from We Are Handsome.

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Swimsuit Care How to look after your designer bikini

Purple Img1

Enjoy our top tips on the best swimsuit care with our expert fashion tips.

Laundering a Bikini
It is always a good idea to follow the instructions on the care label of your bikini or swimsuit. As a rule of thumb, hand washed in cool water and a mild detergent will help to preserve the elasticity in your swimsuit as well as preventing piling. It is a method that will also protect delicate detailing like sequins and other embellishments. Avoid putting your swim suit in the dryer, as not only can this damage the strings of your costume but they can also cause damage to the dryer itself. Instead, lay the bikini or one-piece flat to dry and in the correct shape. Designer swimwear should be washed as soon after exposure to salt and chlorine as possible. A small amount of delicate soap/detergent should be used to make sure your swimsuit keeps its original appearance.

Protecting a Bikini
If you’re planning to go in a hot tub on while on holiday, it’s advisable to wear an older bikini. The heat and chemicals can cause the colours to fade or run if the swimsuit is new and hasn’t been washed before. Fading can also occur if the swimsuit is exposed to long-term sun. Long heat exposure can also compromise the elasticity of the fabric. Sitting on surfaces can also cause damage to the bikinis fabric. To prevent this, place a towel between the bikini and the surface, for example sand or a pebbly beach.Purple Img2

Buying swimwear
Choose swimwear that is flattering and functional on your summer vacation. Swimwear with good support is important for all body types and helps you to feel super confident. There are swimsuits to support, lift and hide those troublesome areas like bust, bums and tums. When considering the right type, use our simple swimsuit guide and remember to pick a swimsuit to suit your body shape and the amount of skin you feel comfortable flaunting to look your best poolside this summer.

Author Bio:
Article written by Faria Ahmad, Ecommerce Executive at Heidi Klein. heidi klein is the one-stop destination holiday shop offering the perfect holiday wardrobe from luxury swimsuits and designer maxis to beauty products.

To view the heidi klein swimwear collection visit:

Foodie Corner: The Best Christmas Food

Christmas time around the world is celebrated according to local traditions and every family has their own little quirks. For many though, what makes it really special is the Christmas Food! When families take their seats for Christmas dinner, they feast their eyes on a variety of mouthwatering favourites. In our house it includes Spiced beef! Every house is different though, so we’ve taken a look at some Christmas food favourites from all over the world… Share yours in comments below!


1. Germany – Roast goose with red cabbage. Simple, but carefully arranged (as always!) the Christmas table in Germany combines the meat with vegetables and of course potatoes, a Germans’ favourite!

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Facepalm: World’s Worst Sunburn

No comments necessary!Tan lines

Hot Swimwear Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

This is a guest post by Faria Ahmad at heidi klein.

Like all aspects of fashion, swimwear trends change year on year and this year is no different, as we are once again spoilt for choice with a huge range of bold and bright, girly, boho and classic styles. Get the inside track on the best bikinis for summer 2013 from the experts at heidi klein.

Bold & Brights

Expect to find sleek black swimsuits, but with a neon twist. This extra detailing is fun and flirty for the summer season as well as super flattering. This darker palette can also be spotted with funky white chevron patterns for a little poolside punk rock. Classic styles like the one piece will also have a makeover this season, with vintage 50s inspired prints and watercolour effects. Could it be the Mad Men effect?

Keep an eye out for digital prints this season too – they’re everywhere, taking inspiration from spring and summer outerwear trends. Expect to find floral and animal prints alongside skylines and other bold images. Mixing and matching your prints oozes an eclectic, fun summer vibe.


Brights via @ heidiklein


It’s nice to see the return of flirty and feminine swimsuits – ruffles, checks, bows and hot pinks come as standard at the beach this season. Ruffles are also super flattering for curvy frames as they highlight silhouettes in all the right places. Expect to find pink neon crochet too, combing girly trends as well as a tick in the bold and brights box.

You Should Read… More By heidi klein


With style and function the classic convertible bandeau is great for switching from water sports activities to bathing without the fear of tan lines. Again, reflecting some of the other season’s trends: muted greens paired with green crochet fabric makes an appearance as well as baby blue girly bows, lending a sweet touch to classic bikini cuts, alongside, the all American red, white and blue one-pieces.

red white blue


Image via @ heidiklein


Of course, boho wouldn’t be boho without the tie-dye! Make sure a tie-dye bikini is at the top of your packing list this summer. They are making an appearance in all the classic bikini shapes, so mix it up a little with lots of light floaty layers.

Mosaic prints are in vogue at the moment, so getting your hands on one of these bikinis will definitely help you to stand out on the beach this summer in all the right ways. We love a mosaic print as an alternative to the florals that we saw during Spring/Summer 2012.

If you’re after original, keep an eye out for side cutouts in tribal prints – this cut lets you show a bit of skin whilst keeping to the silhouette of a traditional one piece. If you want to tone the hippy vibe down a little, opt for a classic strappy cut in mosaic prints.

Author Bio:

Article written by Faria Ahmad, Ecommerce Executive at heidi klein. heidi klein is the one-stop destination holiday shop offering the perfect holiday wardrobe from luxury swimwear to designer kaftans and maxi dresses.

Get ready for the beach with our bikini diet tips.

Blog post picture

Ladies! Winter is nearly done (we hope!) for good and spring is tiptoing slowly, ensuring you’re lusting after golden beaches, aqua parks and holidays in the sunshine.  It’s also the time when tights are banished to the back of the wardrobe, miniskirts are taken out and oh yes, bikini time.

With the summer fast approaching and the images of powder white beaches , celebs looking amazing in tiny two pieces and the lure of sunshine, it’s a good time to think about getting in shape now. So, your friends at Purple Travel k decided to give you some tips on how to get ready for summer with our bikini diet tips.

What to eat

Vegetables – Chock full of nutrients, vegetables have always been supporters of our health and shape; therefore stock up and feel the weight drop off.

Leafy greens: For a meal without calories opt for a hearty salad which will certainly satisfy your hunger and won’t leave you with a bulging stomach.

Red Bell Peppers: this valuable food stimulates the digestive system and boosts your metabolism.

Peppermint: to feel as light as a feather have some peppermint leaves that reduce bloating and indigestion.

Fruits – Apart from their nutrient and vitamin value, mother nature’s best natural products not only benefits our body, but also helps our minds. Apples, oranges, berries,  make us feel happier, thanks to their healthy content and utter deliciousness! Prepare a simple fruit salad with pineapple, berries and apples and say goodbye to annoying cellulite.

Fish – Forget the fatty sausages or bland chicken and go for fish! Have a low-calorie salmon meal which will supply your body with good omega 3 saturated fats.

Greek Yoghurt – The best solution for your daily calcium intake, it has zero fat and can be easily eaten plain or mixed with some fruits, or added to sauces, or savoury dishes.

Raw nuts – Nutritious, quick snacks with healthy fats, fibre  plant sterols and many vitamins and minerals, raw nuts pack a powerful nutritional punch, all wrapped up in a tiny bite-sized package.

Exercise tips

For workaholics, the really busy ones or gym haters here are some exercise tips to help you either improve or keep in shape.

Tip 1: Give up email! If you want to share something with a colleague just walk to their office and have a chat. Every step counts – but you can always get a nice chat out of it too.

Tip 2: Improve your posture while sitting on your office chair, sit up straight and contract your tummy – this counts as an abs excercise even if you don’t feel it.

Tip 3: Avoid lifts. Try using the the stairs for some calorie burning, even if it’s just one or two floors worth. If you get public transport, get off the bus or tube one stop early and walk the extra few minutes home or to the office.

Tip 4: No need to drop yourself on the couch while watching your favourite series. Do some free weightlifting (even with two tins of beans!) or some gentle hip exercises to make your pastime a useful one.

How to Achieve Both Comfort and Style on a Long Haul Flight

This is a guest post by Faria Ahmad at heidi klein.

Long haul flights are generally hard on your body, but what about your wardrobe? Choosing the wrong thing to wear can make for a very uncomfortable time spent on a plane, but not everyone enjoys throwing on a pair of jogging bottoms and slippers on a flight. Plus, for many of us it’s important to look good when we arrive at our destination – kicking your holiday off to a perfect start. So how can you dress comfortably without sacrificing style for comfort?

To keep you both looking and feeling your best you’ll need a pair of comfortable shoes. Although you won’t be on your feet for a huge length of time, your shoes need to be comfortable in case you end up running across vast airport corridors, luggage in tow. We’ve all seen pictures of Victoria Beckham strutting through an airport in her Louboutins, but come on! The practicalities of most of us doing the same seem fairly limited!

Make sure your shoes are fairly loose in case your feet swell once you are in the air, and consider the weather at both ends of your journey. Flip flops might be ideal for your destination, but on a 4am flight in mid January, do you really want to watch your toes turning blue in an English airport? Take some socks on board the flight with you. The temperature on a plane is never guaranteed and a pair of socks in your hand luggage could make all the difference if the cabin gets a little chilly.

A scarf is the ideal accessory to take on board your long haul flight. Versatile and foolproof, a luxury scarf adds elegance and style to your outfit. It can be used as a wrap to keep you warm or a make-do eye mask to block the light from your eyes. On arriving at your destination a scarf is easy to slip into your hand luggage.


hk scarf


Dressing in layers that are easy to add or remove is a great way of controlling your body heat according to the temperature of your flight. A capsule wardrobe for travel will give you plenty of outfit choices, with layering options and tonnes of style.

Knitted black trousers are an excellent alternative for anyone who doesn’t like to wear leggings. Comfortable and classic, these give you much more comfort than a restrictive pair of jeans. Jersey tops are ideal for travelling as the stretch means they will keep their shape and are difficult to crease, even after a ten hour flight.

A dress might seem an impractical choice for a long haul flight, but a maxi dress in a stretchy material can be ideal for making your way to a warm destination. A maxi dress can be layered on the plane by adding leggings and a loose sweater or cardigan. Upon your arrival a pair of sunglasses can turn your maxi dress into a chic, beach ready look, and also work to hide tired eyes.


hk maxi


A stylish way to finish off your outfit is with a jacket. Even if the rest of your outfit is fairly plain – maybe as simple as a pair of comfy leggings and a black t-shirt – throwing on a blazer is a fashionable way to keep warm and look good without making any effort.

Wearing black may seem like a good bet but it can make you look pale and tired when you arrive, and isn’t the best choice for wearing on arrival in a hot country. White isn’t a forgiving travelling colour either – highlighting every spill, but beige, muted greens, stone and biscuit colours will give your outfit a relaxed and glamorous feel.

Overall, your fashion choices for a plane journey should include items in fabrics that will be forgiving to creases and that fall easily and comfortably. Denim is too restrictive and linen creases too easily, so best avoid items in these fabrics.

Author Bio: Article written by Faria Ahmad, Ecommerce Executive at heidi klein. heidi klein is the one-stop destination holiday shop offering both women’s and men’s designer swimwear for the perfect holiday wardrobe.

Celeb watch: Katy Perry and co hit the beach in January

With twitter, facebook and basically, the whole internet, it’s never been easier for celebs to share their holiday snaps. Being the glamour addicts that we are, we’ve had a keen eye on Beyonce’s Tumblr, Miranda Kerr’s twitter and all things One Direction. So sit back, put your feet up and relax with our gallery of stars on their holidays. 

Katy Perry in Miami

Katy Perry in a pool in Miami, USA

Alexandra burke

Alexandra Burke in Miami, USA

Harry Styles

Harry Styles of One Direction, joins Richard Branson in a hot tub on Necker Island after his split from Taylor SwiftCindy Crawford on the beach in Cabos

Cindy Crawford stretches her pins in Cabos

Coleen Rooney in Barbados

Coleen Rooney takes her bump on holidays in Barbados

Jude Law

Jude Law in Hawaii

Jessica Alba in Cabo Mexico

Jessica Alba gets in the swim spirit in Cabo, Mexico
Lily Cole in St Barths 2

Lily Cole updates her instagram while chilling in St Barts

Sofia Vergara in Miami

Sofia Vergara shows off her famous curves by the beach in Miami

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Holiday like a Victoria’s Secret model

The Victoria’s Secret 2012 show was perhaps one of the most impressive in the history of the brand. Barbadian singer, Rhianna provided a live-music soundtrack as scantily-clad models paraded down the catwalk at the Lexington Armory in New York. The fashion show has become a pre-holiday season tradition for the retailer, with an emphasis on glitz, skin and dramatic production. The tanned, svelte figures, the decadent swimwear and lingerie, the glowing long locks – how do they do it? Here we take a look at the places where an Angel goes to rejuvenate mind, body and soul (we’re not saying you’ll look like one after, but it’s damn worth a shot).

Where does a Victoria’s Secret Angel go on holiday?

Make like Miranda Kerr in Bora Bora

The Kerr-Bloom family got away for a holiday to the Four Seasons in Bora Bora Kerr donned a sexy white bikini to hang out on the beach with their son Flynn, and the duo later met up with dad Orlando for a swim in the hotel pool. The trio spent a few days in Tahiti and continued their trip with a stop in New Zealand, meaning they missed the annual Met Gala. Kerr tweeted, “So sad I can’t be with you all tonight at the MET Ball! Sending love from New Zealand.”

Travel to Miami like Adriana Lima

When Adriana Lima is off-duty, she is back in her bikini in the Atlantic with her husband, Marko Jaric, and their daughter Valentina. The family spend their time frolicking on South Beach, with Lima causing quite a stir, we’re sure.

Head to St Barts like Candice Swanepoel

Showing off her fabulous form, Candice Swanepoel was spotted prancing around on the beach in St. Barts in the Caribbean this year. From the sound of it, Candice has been thoroughly enjoying her time on the tropical island according to her Twitter page. She tweeted, “Beautiful st Barts!!! I love this place! An extremely early morning but worth it when you land in paradise.

Go to Anguila with Rosie Huntongton Whiteley

Victoria’s Secret babe and Transformers star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley spent an island holiday with action movie star Jason Statham in Anguilla in the British West Indies. The 23-year-old model also stepped out the beach with a knitted beach bag, a straw hat, purple sarong and a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

Hawaii is where it’s at for Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio was seen paddle boarding in the warm waters of Maui, Hawaii this August.The 30-year-old Brazilian model took the family to the tropical island for some quality time.

Book the Bahamas like Chanel Iman

The life of a top model isn’t all work and no play. Chanel Iman recently treated herself to a ten-day holiday in the Bahamas. “It’s paradise,” she told Teen Vogue. “The best experience ever! I went scuba diving and jet skiing, and swam with the dolphins.” You can follow the adventures of the jet-setting glamour girl on her Twitter page.

Where to shop in New York during Fashion Week

It’s that time of year again: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. Whether you’re completely indifferent to this fact, or you’re already half way through the shows, clutching onto a bag filled with trustee Fashion Week survival items (green tea pills, water bottles, berry mix and the like), the likelihood is that, whoever you are, NYFW will leave you lusting for the newest designer creations.

For many of us, these are unfortunately well beyond our budgets. But there is a silver lining, and that is that many of these so-called ‘new’ creations aren’t that different from similar styles from seasons gone by. And where does one find these? Within New York’s excellent selection of consignment shops, of course.  Call it a form of urban archeology, or upscale recycling, but many of the designer items I own today were found in New York’s finest thrift and consignment stores.  I wanted to share some of my tips for where to shop in New York during fashion week.

After spending a few months working in the Big Apple as Editorial Assistant at a fashion magazine, I too became part of the crowd of those fashion-industry insiders, faced with the career requirements of always looking fabulous despite their relatively small salary. Luckily, with a little patience and this helpful list of New York’s best consignment stores, you, too, can unearth gems for a song. And for those of you who won’t have a chance to jet off to New York this Fashion Week, there’s no need to limit yourself to brick and mortar either; eBay is a wonderful resource and even has a site devoted to haute couture.

Second Chance Designer Resale

(212) 744-6041, 1109 Lexington Ave, New York, NY, 10021

This is your stop for bag shopping. Expect to find racks of designer bags at pocket-friendly prices, including huge selections from Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Prada, Chanel, Sonia Rykiel, Mulberry and more.

Beacon’s Closet – Williamsburg

(718) 486-0816, 88 N 11th St, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Here you can find almost anything. Whether its vintage, consignment, new designer, handmade or even costume outfits, you will never leave empty handed.

Buffalo Exchange – Williamsburg

(718) 384-6901, 504 Driggs Ave,, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Buffalo Exchange is the ultimate hidden gem treasure cove. And the best part? It’s seriously cheap. On one visit, I purchased a Comme Des Garcons playsuit for just $60.

Eye Candy

(212) 343-4275, 329 Lafayette St, New York, NY, 10012

Specialising mainly in accessories, this boutique is fashionably cluttered with everything from old school designer heels to a Queen’s ransom of interesting, hard to find vintage jewels.

Ina – SoHo

(212) 941-4757, 101 Thompson St, New York, NY, 10012

INA is the best high-end fashion consignment shop in NYC, but naturally also the most expensive. Here you’ll find high-end lables such as Lanvin, Hermes and Chanel and highly covetable bags by the boatload.

Screaming Mimi

(212) 677-6464, 382 Lafayette St, New York, NY, 10003

Cyndi Lauper used to work here and often film costume designers find outfits at this east village vintage stop.

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