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Footage from the world’s scariest airports
A Greek Beauty

Footage from the world’s scariest airports

Image via @ Todd Neville

Pilots had to keep their eyes wide open flying into Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport, a sharp and difficult right turn made it especially hard and gave no chance for error. The airport was closed in 1998.

Pilots and passengers may need to cross their fingers flying out of Matekane, Lesotho, as a 2,000 foot drop appears fast at the end of the short runway.

A plane spotter’s delight to see a landing at Princess Juliana International Airport, St Maarten, Caribbean.

You only get once chance at Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Lukla, Nepal.

Beautiful for passengers, but pilots have to fight wind shear and sever turblence to land at Narsarsuaq Airport in Greenland.

Cross winds are the biggest problem at Funchal Airport in Madeira.

Barra Airport in Skye is actually just part of the beach and it’s take offs and landings are ruled by the tide.

A Greek Beauty

We just had to share this absolutely stunning video. If you’re looking for some holiday inspiration, or you simply like beautiful things, then grab a cup of tea, (milk and two sugars for me please!) sit back and seriously enjoy this timelapse of Greece. Oh to be there right now!

Stian Redkal you’re our hero!

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