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World’s funniest airport names
Boxing Day Special: Top 10 Travel TV shows (including one epic fail)
The Dreamliner has landed
Deciding to Live Down Under: Part Seven : October
Purple 10: Weirdest streets in the world
Purple 10 : Ten of the world’s most amazing airport lounges
A night less ordinary: Cool Tree House Hotels
Where should the Royal Couple take their Honeymoon?
World’s Sharkiest Beaches… Swim at Your Own Risk!
Top 5 Long-Duration Getaways to Skip the British Winter

World’s funniest airport names

Ever had a layover in Fukui? Or a delayed flight in Brest? Inspired by the possible Ozzy Osbourne Airport in Birmingham, we’ve tracked down the world’s funniest airport names.


1. Batman Airport (BAL) Turkey

2. Useless Loop Airport (USL), Australia

3. Fukui Airport (FKJ), Japan

4. Gaylord Airport (GLR), USA

5. Moron Airport (OZP), Spain

6. Rifle Airport (IRD), USA

8. Eek Airport (EEK), USA

9. Asbestos Hill Airport (YAF), Canada

10. Deadhorse Airport (SCC), USA

11. Mafia Airport (MFA), Tanzania


12. Brest Airport (BES), France

13. Mysore Airport (MYQ), India

14. Colon Airport (ONX), Panama

15. Ponce Airport (PSE), Puerto Rico



Boxing Day Special: Top 10 Travel TV shows (including one epic fail)

If you still can’t fasten your trousers from piling in the turkey yesterday, now is the time to stew on the couch and switch on the Tele (and dig into some Quality Street). But if you don’t feel like watching the Christmas episode of the Flintstones for the fifteenth time, maybe you’ll enjoy some of these ‘holiday’ TV shows with a difference. Here is our pick of the top ten travel TV shows (including one epic fail). Happy boxing day!

An Idiot Abroad

An Idiot Abroad
Karl Pilkington’s travel plans lie in the hands of his ex-radio show host colleagues, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Pilkington’s indifference to seeing the world is mocked by Gervais and Merchant who make him do just that, only with an enormous list of crazy things to do (while they sit back and watch from the comfort of their London office). Expect activities that vary from being dropped into the Amazon jungle and told he has to survive to climbing Mount Fuji.

Around The World In 80 Days
In 2001, the BBC produced this seven episode series, which follows Monty Python star Michael Palin, on an attempt to become a Jules Verne’s hero. Palin aims to match the route of his fictional predecessor by circling the globe in 80 days without the use of modern air transportation. Palin is responsive, intelligent, candid and most importantly, hilarious, as he creates a journey filled with fascinating encounters – TV gold.

Stephen Fry in America

Stephen Fry in America
Stephen Fry, a man of many talents (he is an actor, screenwriter, author, playwright, journalist, poet, and comedian), journeys through America in a traditional London cab. Beginning in Maine, he drives through the lower 48 states, before flying to Alaska and Hawaii. However, far from your typical travel TV show, Fry’s interpretation is as honest and endearing as the man himself, and full of his usual tongue in cheek humour of course.  

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
Anthony’s Bourdain’s No Reservations has moderately redeemed the Travel Channel for years of inane broadcasting. Bourdain, whose wickedly funny commentary is the greatest thing about the whole show, visits a series of disparate destinations including Iceland, Vietnam and New Jersey. His unfiltered take on local foods and atypical typical tourist activities makes for a personality-driven show, but then what else could you expect from the world’s leading punk chef novelist?

Globe trekker

Globe Trekker
Globe Trekker has filmed over 130 episodes and is hosted by a total of 26 people, offering a unique feel depending on which host appears in each episode.  The show acts as a tour guide through a series of destinations, with a huge amount of time and effort put into each well thought out, well edited episode.

The Amazing Race
A reality TV show with a difference, the contestants on The Amazing Race are racing the globe in both famous and offbeat locales.

Going Tribal

Going Tribal
Adventurer Bruce Parry, a former Royal Marine, is followed as he goes in search of knowledge from supposedly ‘primitive’ peoples around the world. He lives with a tribe for at least a month, learning everything about their lives – even their language. At the end of each episode, there’s genuine regret and often tears as he parts with the tribe, making for bona fide armchair travel.

Departures began when three friends were talking about travel shows and decided that they could make something better. Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach leave all familiarities behind and set out into the beyond. Expect incredible cinematography and an authentic, personal approach to travel. The show has won three Gemini Awards and with just one look at the landscapes presented, you’ll understand why.

Full Circle

Full Circle
Another one from Michael Palin, this time he makes an epic journey around the Pacific Rim from the Arctic, coastal Asia, Australia, Antarctica, South America, North America and back. As is the norm from Palin, it is he that makes the series so memorable, admirable and relatable.

Boozed up Brits Abroad (epic fail)
On the other hand, shows such as Boozed Up Brits Abroad are a cold, cruel reality check for those living in the UK. If you enjoy feeling embarrassed by your nation, this is the show for you. Expect to see profane language, nudity and of course, lots of vomiting.

The Dreamliner has landed

The ‘jet-lag busting’ Boeing 787 Dreamliner has taken to the skies. The first flight took place from Doha to London Heathrow earlier in December, as Qatar Airways became the first airline to use the plane for scheduled flights.


Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker, pictured left, with Qatar’s Consul to Britain, Mr Fahad Al Mushairi onboard the airline’s new Boeing 787 at London Heathrow.

The revolutionary plane is seen as the next step in travel; it’s made from a special new material and offers the best in comfort for passengers, there is wi-fi and texting, Android powered screens and entertainment options.

Qatar will feature five daily flights between Doha and Heathrow on the Boeing 787, while from February, the plane will bring travellers from Britain to Australia.

You can watch footage of the Dreamliner’s landing at Heathrow here:

Deciding to Live Down Under: Part Seven : October

We had a great weekend at the start of October when friends Jan and Roger  took us up to Brisbane to explore.  Apparently it is described as a large country town – I guess nearly the size of Liverpool, not too big, not too small. In the morning we had a tour around the residential part and looked at the beautiful designs of the old wooden houses. Then we headed off up to a lookout for a coffee and cake and before starting at the university and had a little look in case Jack decides he would like to do university studies out here to get a feel of what it looks like. The outdoor Brisbane Univeristy pool did it for me, although Jack said that I wouldn’t be allowed if that was where he decides to go!

We went on the city cat (like a bus service) up and down the river. We went over to Southside, which has lovely restaurants and markets as well as a big lagoon and man-made on the river banks. Again, as everywhere I have been in Australia, it was all very clean and a sense of pride around the place.Then we went back over to the city and had a good walk round the shops before heading back down to where Roger was picking us up off the ferry. We went to a beautiful Thai Restaurant and headed back home.

At the end of October we headed down to Alstonville Show. We had been waiting to see a proper rodeo for some time as Jack was ill when the last one was on, so we were lucky it was on again before the end of the exchange. It was only a small country show but it was a nice afternoon. Lots of cowboys and bull riding among other country stalls.

Read more from Liz Bethell on her personal Blog.

Purple 10: Weirdest streets in the world

The shortest, the narrowest, the biggest, the widest….Each of the 10 streets included in this list with the weirdest streets in the world has its own long story, which is good to know if you ever find yourself there.

1.World’s Shortest street -Ebenezer Place – Scotland
Easy to walk, without being tired, either in high heels or wearing trainers! “The shortest” street in the world is a mere 2.06 meters and stretches in front of the door to No 1 Bistro of Mackays Hotel. The hotel cobbled it together in 1883 and decided to “street” it 4 years later. So, after your “long” walk you can have a refreshing drink there!

2.World’s narrowest street (Spreuerhofstraße – Germany)
Only gangly figures can walk down this street, whose narrowest section is 12 cm and the widest is 50 cm. What’s more, in case you find yourself there, you’d better forget tender embraces with your beloved one. You’ll meet again at the exit!

3.Most Complicated Interchange in US (Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange – Los Angeles)
The most complicated interchange is Judge Harry Pregerson interchange. Since 1993, it is known as one LA traffic solution. It composes layers of bridges stacked orderly and four level interchanges. If you find yourself on this interchange you’d better act as Tom Thumb and throw crumbs to find your way out.

4.US`s Most Crooked Road (Lombard St – San Francisco)
There are two crooked roads in the USA. The first road is at Russian Hill between Hyde and Leavenworth streets, San Francisco, and the other one is at Vermont Street between 20th St & 22nd St in Portrero Hill. In Russian Hill, the road is leaning 27 degrees and here, drivers cannot drive their car over 5 mph. Just in case, when driving in this street make sure you have your sea sickness tablets with you!

5. The World’s Steepest Street (Baldwin Street – New Zealand)
Drivers usually put stones under the car wheels to avoid losing them, while at the same time they use ice skates to walk down the street! The steepest street in the world is also found in the steepest residential area of the planet, where in winter, as you can imagine, things are even more dangerous.

6. Widest Street in the world (9 de Julio – Buenos Aires, Argentina)
This street is 300m wide and has a whopping 12 lanes of. However, traffic jams are common place too. When it comes to pedestrians though, it’s good to have their lunch with them when deciding to go this way, or just use their roller skates as the locals do!

7. Longest Street in the world (Yonge St – Ontario, Canada)
The 2nd longest street according to Guinness world of record is Yonge street (1,178 miles/1,896km), linking Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe. In this street, you’d better avoid  shopping dilemmas!

8. Largest Roundabout in the world (Putrajaya – Malaysia)
This 3.4km-long street is in southern Kuala Lumpur, around a lush green hill. It’s one of the most impressive streets in the world, as long as you don’t drive it all around, or you’ll get lost. However, another option would be to have a walk in the park in the centre.

9. World’s Most Confusing Roundabout (Magic Roundabout – Swindon, UK)
The magic roundabout is more like a black magic for most drivers than a weirdest street. It composes five mini roundabouts and they are circled un-orderly. It was built in 1972 and is now known as one of the scariest junction in UK.

10. Longest National Highway in the world (Highway 1 – Australia)
The longest highway in the world is Australia’s Highway 1. It stretches from Canberra 9,000 miles/14,500 km outside the city. It’s also one of the most easy to drive highways, where travelling is a really unique experience.

Purple 10 : Ten of the world’s most amazing airport lounges

The airport was once a place associated with stress, queues and general discomfort, however over the last decade, cities around the world have helped to take the edge off a little, by building exceptionally designed, clean, well-functioning airports.

Along with them have come unbelievably chic and undeniably cool airport lounges – a testament to this new-age luxury. Rather than mimicking the dull clinical feel of a hospital waiting room, these new super-luxe first-class areas are havens of top-notch amenities, privacy and most of all – calm. At, we’ve picked out the top ten airport lounges in international hubs across the world, perfect for those travelers who want the journey to be as enjoyable as the destination. Now there’s a reason to get to the airport early…

Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse, John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York
Virgin Atlantic’s new Clubhouse boasts an Austin Powers-meets-uptown mod feel, complete with a red leather sofa and purple lighting. Enjoy a cocktail at the ultra-chic cocktail lounge or take a seat in the brasserie dining area, where you’ll be served a delicious selection of a la carte meals, desserts and fine wine. But it’s the Clubhouse Spa, featuring Dr. Hauschka products and treatments, that really makes the JFK Clubhouse a standout layover option.

British Airways Concorde Room, Heathrow Airport
The typically British herringbone print, velvets and crystal chandeliers of the Concorde Room at Heathrow collaborate to form a relaxed, traditional-style sitting room. Its charm comes in the fact that it is not particularly fashonaqble or at all modern, but instead, this is a ‘homely’ retreat – that is, if your home comes with full waiter service, complimentary wines and Champagne and private, hotel-style cabanas with day beds and en-suite bathrooms.

Etihad’s Diamond First Class Lounge, Abu Dhabi International Airport
Etihad’s first-class lounge is a buffet of indulgence. Staff nannies take care of the little in the kids’ retreat, decorated with vibrant beanbags and toys, while over in the  Six Senses Spa, parents can indulge in a complimentary treatment. And that’s not to mention the Champagne bar, the cigar lounge and the incredible a la carte dining or even dinner at the chef’s table.

Finnair Lounge, Helsinki Airport
From the felt walls that banish outside noise to the pretty Marimekko tableware, Finnair Lounge’s simplicity is what makes it beautiful. Enjoy the perpetual buffet, the elegant Finnish and Nordic furniture designs and the excellent views, or if you’re expecting something more indulgent, head to the Finnair Spa, complete with traditional Finnish saunas (reopens this winter)

The Pier, Hong Kong International Airport
At The Pier, Cathay Pacific’s glass-enclosed first and business-class lounge, travellers will find incredible cuisine such as freshly made Japanese noodles at the Noodle Bar and fine dining at the Haven restaurant. Sip champagne on the leather armchairs or refresh inside the pebbled showers – what travel stress?

Qantas First Lounge, Sydney Airport
Modern, polished and sophisticated, Qantas First Lounge, would appear to be the norm of airport ‘luxury’. However, with a 98-foot, 8,400-plant vertical garden – this is not your average airport lounge. It is cleaner and lighter and better yet, part of the garden is incorporated into each of the Payot Paris day spa treatment rooms, so it feels more like a rainforest than an airport. The upper floor of the lounge was designed by Marc Newson and includes an open kitchen restaurant serving food by Australian chef Neil Perry.

Qatar Airways Premium Terminal, Doha International Airport
Is it a mall? Is it a hotel? No it’s the massive Qatar Airway lounge at Doha airport. Never ones to be content with doing it on a small scale, the Premium Lounge includes a handful of worthwhile airport elements (duty-free, fine boutiques) and complements them with heaps of indulgent goodies (a full-service Elemis spa, several restaurants, cafés and bars, private meeting rooms and business centres). Hotel-style bedroom suites and child entertainment finish of this truly over the top airport retreat.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounges, Singapore Changi International Airport
The staff of this lounge at Singapore Changi International greet first-class passengers of Singapore Airlines curbside, taking their bags, before guiding them to an armchair in the first-class check-in lounge and checking them in personally to ensure all the usual stress of baggage carts and check-in queues are a faraway thought. The SilverKris Lounges, comprise meeting rooms, café/bars and 13 Italian-leather slumberettes for the ultimate in relaxation.

Swiss Lounge, EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg
An enormous glass dome, surrounded by chrome and wood finishings make the Swiss Lounge a breakthrough in the usual span of boring, uninspiring airport seating areas. With open architecture, heaps of greenery and panoramic views, you’ll hope your flight gets delayed in here. Expect warm and cold buffets, a proper European bar and a Japanese bridge in an atrium surrounded by palm trees.

Thai Airways First Class Lounge, Bangkok
At Thai First Class Lounge in Bangkok, travellers can relax in semi-private rooms that function almost like a living room with couches, chairs and TVs. They can also book a spa treatment or massage in their own private spa bungalow – the only way to do long-haul.

A night less ordinary: Cool Tree House Hotels

From Wendy houses to dens made from fresh laundry, childhood lodgings required big imaginations. However, the latest trend in the hotel industry is set to turn these youthful dreams into a reality. Enter the tree house hotel; a marriage of the unique and the familiar, returning us to treasured childhood memories and allowing us to indulge in our adventurous side. And with many creeping up on the five star mark – who said luxury was limited only inside four walls?

No longer solely occupied by young boys and Ewoks, tree houses now offer audacious travellers an experience, which stands apart, particularly in an age of roadside hotel chains and Mediterranean high-rise apartment buildings. So, forget the stale continental breakfast and stark, inpersonal room and opt instead for a treetop retreat. Here’s our pick of the best tree house hotels around the world – go ahead, branch out…

Tsala Treetop Lodge
Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

The impressive Tsala Treetop Lodge has ten secluded stone-and-glass lodge suites, with breathtakingly views of the lush Tsitsikamma Forests, extending across rolling valleys towards distant hills. Decorated in an Afro-baroque style, the Lodge boasts floor-to-ceiling bedroom windows, a log fireplace in the living room, a private deck and an infinity-edge pool. The décor appears to emulate the monumental ruins of an ancient central African civilisation, with earthy colours, rich textures and handcrafted fittings. In fact, the entire Lodge mimics the diverse cultures of Africa, from the exotically appointed dining room to the intimate glassed-in lounge, or the large open decks high above the forest floor.

Cedar Creek Treehouse
Ashford, Washington

After climbing up a winding stairwell, reaching 50-feet up in the air in a centuries-old Western Red Cedar tree, you will discover the Cedar Creek Treehouse. Bordering Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Cedar Creek boasts stunning views, which are even greater when seen from the recently added observatory – 100 feet up a nearby fir tree – which looks out on magnificent Mount Rainier. The tree house features sleeping space for five, a kitchen, and an observation deck with indoor hammock. A night in the cabin includes a tour of other structures on the property, including the “Stairway to Heaven,” “Rainbow Bridge,” and the glass-enclosed observatory.

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Brazilian Amazon

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel is one of the largest commercial tree house hotels in the world. The eco-friendly Hotel was built in 1987 by Dr. Francisco Ritta Bernardino under the inspiration of oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, who made it his quest to preserve the fragility of the magical Amazon Jungle. Located around 35 miles from the Amazon gateway city of Manaus, accommodations include the President Lula ‘Tarzan House’, built at canopy level with its own private balcony, plunge pool, and Jacuzzi and on site are two 150-foot-high observation towers, offering clear views of the jungle. While staying, why not take the chance to navigate your way round the Amazon River, swim with rare pink dolphins and trek through the rainforest?

Tranquil Resort
Wayanad, Kerala, India

Tranquil Resort is located in southern India on a private 400-acre estate, complete with a working coffee and vanilla plantation. The main lodge and its eight well-appointed rooms occupy the Kerala rainforest, a supreme spot in which to place the 500-square-foot tree house. Built from coffee wood and equipped with a king-size bed, a full bath, veranda, and the trunk of a flowering Royal Poinciana growing through the bedroom, the Tranquil Resort tree house is a peaceful escape in stunning surroundings.

Hinchinbrook Island Resort
Hinchinbrook Island, Australia

This 96-acre national park presents idyllic beauty, with lush rainforests, rugged mountains, and untouched sandy beaches. The Wilderness Lodge, a secluded oasis hideaway with 15 roomy timber tree top bungalows, complements the natural environment of the Island. Each tree house has floor-to-ceiling glass windows, its own small kitchen, a private balcony and a bath tub for extra relaxation. Easy beachfront access means exploring one of the island’s eleven secluded beaches has never been easier, while in the evenings guests are welcomed to relax at the Wilderness Lodge bar.

Tree House Lodge
Limón, Costa Rica

The 10-acre beachfront property, located in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge on Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean coast, features a sustainably built tree house composed of fallen trees. Built upon tall stilts, submerged by the forest, the house is reached via a sloped wooden suspension bridge leading  to its front door. Inside it’s split level: upstairs, a double king size bed and a small ensuite toilet; downstairs, a second double bed, a single bed and a kitchen. Why not snorkel or kayak off the nearby Punta Uva Beach during your stay?

Maravu Plantation
Matei, Fiji

Maravu, which sits on Fiji’s 168-square-mile Taveuni Island, features a tree house built in an ancient rain tree, enjoying panoramic views of the sapphire South Pacific. Inside the bring-you-back-to-childhood house are a myriad of creature comforts, including leather and palm-wood furniture and an outdoor courtyard with an open-air shower and Jacuzzi pool.  While staying, guests can relax at the resort’s spa with a massage or a hydrating coconut scrub, or explore nearby Bouma National Heritage Park’s pristine rainforest and 65-foot waterfalls.

Alnwick Gardens

Surrounded by the vibrant, lush Alnwick Gardens is a colossal tree house – the Alnwick Treehouse. The garden, created by celebrated garden designers’, Jacques and Peter Wirtz, has a beautiful landscape that includes England’s largest collection of European plants. The tree house itself complements its environement and serves as a restaurant as well as an activities centre. If you don’t feel like spending then night, the restaurant is open for meals throughout the day and serves organic and local meat and fish, as well as offering performances of live music.

Where should the Royal Couple take their Honeymoon?

Rumours have been flying about the Royal Honeymoon for months now and no one seems to have a definite answer on where the happy couple plans to go. Since it seems impossible that they have left it to the last moment to decide, we thought we would go through some of the rumours and rate them on their likelihood. We’re also asking you, our readers and customers to come up with places you think the Royal Couple should go and why. If you were the Royal Travel Advisor, where would you send the newlyweds on honeymoon? The top answers will be posted on a blog to come – and if you happen to be right, you could be looking at a fabulous mystery prize for your answer!

1. Corfu, Greece: Likelihood 7/10

Corfu is a gorgeous island with lush vegetation, warm climate, and stunning beaches and coves. Finding hotels that cater to ultimate luxury in Corfu is not very difficult either, as its adjoining island, Paxos, is home to some of the most expensive celebrity summer retreats in Europe. However, the weather in Corfu at the start of May could be unpredictable and, without the cooperation of the weather, the Royal Couple’s honeymoon bliss could freeze.

2. Jordan: Likelihood 5/10

There is certainly plenty to see and do in a country full of ancient historical sites, metropolitan luxuries, and pleasantly warm climate. However, the hostile political situation currently taking over the Middle East’s Arabic nations is a little bit unsettling. Although Jordan is perfectly safe for a colloquial visit, the Royal Couple need tread with greater caution.

3. Romania: Likelihood 6/10

Romania is a beautiful country that has seen little disruption from mass tourism. Large cities turn into lush countryside that is not too different from that found in England. However, our travel advisors here seem to be stuck to the impression that Romania is just not romantic enough for a honeymoon. I guess we will see…

4. Balmoral Estate, Scotland: Likelihood 9.5/10

Scotland is certainly a place of beauty and culture. However, this is not why the Royal Couple would choose this magnificent land. The truth is, they need privacy. The Queen’s Balmoral Estate stretches to a whopping 50,000 acres and is the perfect place away from prying eyes. They may even do as Princess Diana and Prince Charles and combine their stay at Balmoral with another, sunnier, location.

5. Cairns, Australia: Likelihood 7/10

Prince William is noted to have said on their recent trip to Australia that he and Kate would like to go back for their honeymoon to dive the Great Barrier Reef. Australia’s climate this time of year is very favourable, as is the comfort of being in a somewhat-familiar English-speaking environment with all the amenities of England. However, it seems Price William has only 2 weeks off from his Royal Air Force commitments – so a lengthy flight may be unfavourable at this time.

6. Mustique, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands: Likelihood 9/10

Now that seems more like it! Any secluded resort in the Caribbean or Indian Ocean definitely just screams honeymoon! Although they wouldn’t be the first honeymooners to make this revelation, being unique is not the ultimate goal. Any of these hot, exciting, tropical locales are able to provide a level of privacy, coupled with the sea and sun that is much needed when going on holiday. After all, there is little more important than being able to relax all day wearing nothing but a swimsuit.

For a topic with this much publicity, the location of the Royal Couple’s honeymoon can potentially have rippling effects for the tourism industry in their chosen destination. For countries struggling to compete, it can potentially be a very important decision!

World’s Sharkiest Beaches… Swim at Your Own Risk!

With the tragic passing of 4 tourists in Sharm El Shiekh, the Egyptian Red Sea Riviera, we are left wondering where else we may be in danger of encountering a Jaws-like shark attack. Although we have been told that it is quite rare for a shark to attack a person, we have recently had a rude awakening. Egypt is not included on this list, as the Shark attacks there are actually much less frequent than in other areas around the world – some that have even more beach traffic than Egypt. Just have a look at the world’s sharkiest beaches. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Sharkiest beachesImage via @ Marco Verch

South Africa

Some consider this beautiful country, on the southern tip of this great continent, the Shark Capital of the world. Most notably, Gansbaai (or “Shark Alley”) has become a shark tourist attraction for those wanting to visit the greatest collection of Great White Sharks on the planet. Certainly not the place for a casual swim! Kosi Bay is another shark-infested destination, with the incredibly aggressive Zambezi sharks swimming well inland… in fresh water! Just a short distance from Kosi Bay, you will find Umhlanga Rocks, an incredibly picturesque beach resort. Umhlanga Rocks is home to a deadly combination of Great Whites and Zambezi (or Bull Sharks) but you can feel a little bit safer swimming here because the beach is protected by fish netting in the water. Swim at your own risk.

United States

The New Smyrna Beach, in Florida, is known as the Shark Attack Capital of the world. That’s right – with hundreds of holidaymakers and surfers making frequent visits to these shark-infested waters, you can be sure that the attacks will be very frequent! Although the sharks in this area are much less aggressive, they can still attack humans by accident – which happens quite often. Can you blame them? A surfer floating in the water can seem like a very appealing mid-day meal. Along the opposite coast, Bolinas is a small beach town in Northern California, home to a very large population of Great Whites. Because of the surfer culture in these cold waters, food for the sharks is plentiful. Stay far away.


Gorgeous climate, incredible coral reef, and an ecosystem of natural wonders, Australia is home to one of the largest populations of Sharks on the planet. Bondi Beach, easily the most popular beach on Australia’s coast, is also the most vulnerable to shark attacks. Although plenty of netting is in place to protect bathers from the threat, it is certainly not 100% safe.

Other Shark Destinations

Some other notable Shark infested areas to watch out for include Recife in Brazil, Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua, and Reunion Island off the coast of Madagascar. Always keep in mind that your risk of getting into a car accident is much higher than being attacked by a shark, although swimming in any of these waters will certainly put you some danger. Always consult the professionals on duty in the area and make sure to travel with health insurance if you insist on taking your chances. Swim safe!

Top 5 Long-Duration Getaways to Skip the British Winter

Winter in the UK is cold, grey and wet. Definitely a good excuse to stay in the office. If you have the luxury to be able to leave, though, these are definitely the best and most popular places to hibernate and escape the winter blues..

1. Spain.

An all-time British favorite, Spain offers amazing value for long-term getaways in an environment that caters distinctively to the British. It’s like home away from home – with better weather and cheaper food. Mainland Spain and the Balearics, such as Majorca and Ibiza, have much milder temperatures in the off-season months than the UK and you can even end up spending less than you would if you stayed home! The best part about it is that you’re no further than a 3-hour flight from the British cold – in case you ever want to go back, that is.

2. Florida.

Take advantage of the almighty Pound compared to the US Dollar and spend a month or more in the USA’s favorite laid-back state. Florida has something for everyone, whether you’re retired, have a family, or want to party all night…and they speak English! Prices on flights out of the UK are quite moderate (you are crossing the ocean) and once you get there, accommodation is very cheap! You can have a villa or apartment to yourself for peanuts. If you feel adventurous, internal flights are cheap as well – go to New York, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles just for the weekend.

3. Australia.

Australians go backpacking through Europe. Europeans go backpacking through Australia. It’s just the thing to do…and they speak English! The Pound will go far in Australia also, although the flights can be quite pricey. If you haven’t been to visit your second-cousins half way around the world, you definitely should. Australia is blessed with warm climate, beautiful beaches, and very friendly people. Australians celebrate their Christmas and New Year on the beach, since the seasons are opposite from the UK. No wonder it’s such a great place for you to hibernate the winter away.

4. Thailand. Indonesia (Bali). India.

Exotic, hot, and CHEAP. Sorry, they don’t speak much English. Spend a month or more immersing yourself in an amazing cultural experience surrounded by breathtaking natural surroundings. Better yet, choose one a year or, even better, one a month! These are developing countries that have a lot to offer. Pleasant and luxurious hospitality is available at prices you would have to see to believe. Jump on the “eat-pray-love” trend and go on a Yoga retreat. So many options, so little time…

5. Europe.

Yes, Spain fits in here also, but we reserved this space for all the other wonderful destinations you can take advantage of in the winter months that are just around the corner. Europe has many popular, and cheap, places to get away on a long-term holiday. Among the favorites are Portugal, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Croatia. Each of these countries has a distinct character and personality to offer – along with an unforgettable experience.

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