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Purple Tips: A little Romance in New York City
4 most Dazzling Sunset Spots in the World
Purple 10: best places for holidays at Christmas
Purple 10: Last Minute Valentines Ideas
Purple Passport: Barbie Cruises and love lockdowns

Purple Tips: A little Romance in New York City

Central Park - Horse

When you talk about romance, the cities that first come to mind are probably Paris and Venice. New York City however is a very popular destination for couples who want a romantic getaway or even to celebrate their honeymoon.

It’s no surprise though as New York has been the setting for a lot of famous love stories. Like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s characters in ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ who meet each other at the top of the Empire State Building. And who doesn’t know the famous New York TV-couples like Ross and Rachel (Friends) and Carrie and Mr. Big (Sex and the City)? To top it off: New York City even has its own LOVE sculpture!

So what makes New York so romantic? What is there to do on a romantic getaway? Well the list is pretty much endless but this is our top six tips to make sure your holiday is one neither of you will ever forget.

‘Meet me at the top of the Empire State Building’

Made famous by movies like ‘An affair to remember’ and ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ as one of the romantic spots in New York City, the Empire State Building is a popular place for popping the question among couples from all over the world.

The beautiful iconic art-deco building, the amazing view from the observation deck across the entire city, it is something that just screams romance. The most romantic moment to visit the Empire State Building is late in the afternoon. You’ll get the clear day view, a beautiful sunset and shining night lights of the city.

Romance in the sky

With millions of lights shining brightly at night in the city, it’s no wonder New York City’s nickname is ‘the city that never sleeps’. The lights of New York are one of the things that make it perfect for a romantic getaway. The best way to take advantage of this is by taking a helicopter tour in New York. There are lots of day time tours but the one that tops them all is the night helicopter tour.

You’ll be picked up at the harbour by a boat have champagne on the way there and then you’ll fly above all the New York City sights which sparkle in the night.

Central Park

 Let’s take a stroll

No matter what the season is Central Park is the perfect place to take a long stroll holding hands with your other half. The park has a lot of spots that are perfect for a little romance like the Bow Bridge, Belvedere Castle, Bethesda Fountain and the Conservatory Garden. It’s even becoming popular for actual wedding ceremonies and the most beautiful photographs. If you get tired of walking, why not snuggle up in a carriage ride where you can see the Park’s famous sights, rent a boat on the lake, or relax in a quiet spot with a picnic?

A skyline dinner

New York City has a very famous skyline; it’s a mesmerizing sight to see during the day as well as at night. The best view is  by one of the many boat tours in New York around (part of) the island of Manhattan. There are scenic boat tours during the day or for something special a romantic evening dinner cruises by the light of the moon. Some boats even have a dance floor on board so the two of you can dance the night away.

Snuggle up at the movies

On a bit of a budget but still want a romantic night out? Bring a blanket and grab some snacks for a picnic at the movies. During the summer every Monday night you can watch a free film in Bryant Park. Imagine this: watching a great American Classic under the New York sky, while snuggling on a blanket and enjoying some of your favourite snacks. It’s personal, thoughtful and super romantic. Whoever said romance had to be expensive!

New York at night

The Blue Box!  

If you are planning on popping the question in New York, whether it’s at the Empire State Building, in the sky in a helicopter or at Central Park, don’t forget to pay a visit to Tiffany’s & Co. Almost every woman, New Yorker or not, dreams of one day getting that blue box with the iconic Tiffany’s engagement ring in it! No New York proposal will be complete without that little blue box!

BIO – Eric Lang

Eric Lang was born in Amsterdam but fell in love with New York at an early age. Between 2003 and 2008, he visited the Big Apple 11 times and in 2008 his dream to live in Manhattan became a reality! Because of his love for New York City he decided to start to share all his knowledge about New York City!

4 most Dazzling Sunset Spots in the World

Beach-side cities welcoming you to explore the most dazzling sunset spots in the world… Whether a magic urban landscape snuggles you with gleaming skyscrapers grooving on imposing dunes or you just choose to bury your toes in white sands, wherever you’ve positioned, we’ve tucked an inviting list with the best sunset viewing locations around the world!

Just imagine yourself indulging in alluring ocean views while cuddling to your loved ones, together, gazing at the  sunset, as the sky changes colors with the brushstrokes of rich crimsons, orange, lavender washing every corner of the majestic landscape… The romantic getaway with the most treasured experience is about to begin, are you ready?!

New York ”Everlasting wine-orange Boulevard in Manchattan”

“Manhattanhenge” in NYC

“Manhattanhenge” in NYC

Our beloved ‘’Concrete Jungle’’ looks more elegant with an enchanting sunset at her back right?!

Book an urban cruise, grab a refreshing Cosmo in your hand and sail away… You’ll be hooked for sure! Dazzling views embrace the shimmering cityscape, as the sunset hues reflects off the glass, while you are bewitched by bags of eye-candies, from magnificent steep skyscrapers, lovely popular bistros, world-class restaurants to vast blooming parks and endless boulevards….

Purple Tip: If you want to experience something bizarre and so pleasing at the same time, organize your NY trip when the Manhattanhenge phenomenon occurs. It’s  a unique spectacle that cannot be missed! It happens when the sunset is aligned with the city’s elliptical grid of streets, as a result, every North and South Street becomes brighter and all landmarks of the town are palpable against a ravishing luminous sky!

Santorini Island, Cyclades, Greece  The island-volcano nuzzled by the stained-glass blue of Aegean

Pure Bliss in the Island of Romance, Santorini

Pure Bliss in the Island of Romance

Have you seen real fairy-tales? No, no , we are not teasing you! We found the place where a glimpse on this sunset is like a chapter of a living-breathing story… We present you the pure magical sunset of Santorini island!

Sugar-cube white houses, winding cobblestone streets, gentle sea breezes and the wine-like, pale pink and blue-violet shades of the sunset poise the dark dunes of the volcanic backdrop and the enigmatic elegance that pervades it.

Sunsets here are different, more surreal! Plus, as you already know one of the most jaw-dropping in the world! It’s not a stroke of luck that the phrase: ‘’Arrive spellbound, depart speechless’’, was made exactly about the island of Romance.

Best viewing-points to watch these incomparable vistas in Santorini:

Promenade in Fira, Santo Winery: wine tasting with caldera views,  the old lighthouse, Thirassia island

Dubrovnik – The enigmatic charm of Croatia

Sunset tunes in Dubrovnic

Sunset tunes in Dubrovnic

George Bernard Shaw described it once as ‘’The pearl of the Adriatic’’. So, have you ever seen a color-palette? No? Then, we present you the 3rd picture-perfect destination to enjoy brilliant sunset tunes….

There’s been a hype around Dubrovnik especially the latest three years… So, you’d better fly off instantly and enjoy all these wonderful marvels that everyone talks about! Glittering blue-green bays, bustling nightlife and postcard-perfect Adriatic design! Natural treasures jumping off every corner of the old town, walled hamlets and cobblestone pathways along with unspoiled pristine beaches…Delve into history and be swept up in the everlasting charm of Bled! Imagine all these unique treasures blending with stunning ocean views where the sun dips quietly into the horizon… Be pampered by choice!

Maldives – The exotic earthly paradise

A slice of heaven!

Worldly colorful landscape

Once again, this place never fails to capture our mind and soul…  A special taste of paradise with endless sandy beaches and turquoise waters, cute bungalows along a serene coastline…

Diving and snorkeling is the ultimate must here! Delve into the greatness of the engrossing underwater world; infinite treasures all around, so, don’t miss the chance to uncover your own Nemo! Every corner is shadowed by a never-ending palm-lined shoreline and each island looks like a white-sand pearl that dots the deep blue of Indian Ocean…

Sense of awe never fails to descend when the sun sets! The emerald-blue of the sky blends with the crystal-clear cerulean of the sea, offering you sublime purple views. The sunlight sparkles, kissing the ocean, while you sip your favorite cocktail! Tranquility and pure serenity reigns supreme here…



Purple 10: best places for holidays at Christmas

Any town or city can hang up a few lights in the city centre and call it a Christmas festival but there are places in the world that put the rest to shame. If you’re fed up of shoddy lights and a sad-looking tree take a look at these places that really know how to put on a show and offer the best alternative places for holidays at Christmas.

Barcelona, Spain

If you’ve got enough holiday to extend your holidays until the 5th of January (Three King’s Day) then there’s no place than Barcelona to spend it with Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar. On Januray 4th the three king’s touch down at the city’s port on their very own ship – Santa Eulalia and completely kitted up in velvet. Canons are fired, fireworks are let of and as the mayor of the city hands over the keys of the city to the kings, the magic of Magi officially starts. The kings are paraded through the streets in an extravagant procession of floats comprising of camels, elephants and giraffes.

Il·luminació nadalenca a Barcelona - Av. Portal de l'Àngel
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Purple 10: Last Minute Valentines Ideas

Some just an hour or two away, some a little further afield, all made with couples in mind for the ultimate in romantic, here’s our last minute Valentines escapes. Whether you’ve got money to burn or want a wallet friendly treat for your other half, get sorted now with our Purple 10 last minute Valentines ideas and give the gift of love this year.


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Purple Passport: Barbie Cruises and love lockdowns

50 Shades of I don’t care

It might be this year’s biggest literary hit, but 50 Shades of Grey is also the most put downable book. According to budget hotel chain Travelodge, around 7,000 copies of the EL James penned bestseller have been found discarded in rooms. The first release in the saucy collection, is the first non chick lit or celebrity biography to top the list in a while, in 2009, it was Katie Price’s autobiography Pushed to the Limit.

Other books on the ‘Left Behind List’ include The Millennium Trilogy – lead by The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo makes up the rest of the top ten, along with the Hunger Games trilogy and The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

Barbie’s hitting the high seas!

If you’re a mum or dad to a ten year old, then be prepared to get into the Barbie Cruise Experience. Royal Caribbean International has teamed up with toymaker Mattel to offer the ‘Barbie Premium Experience’ right across its network of ships.

That means pink tea parties, fashion shows and rooms. Youngsters will be able to take part in themed activities like the mermaid dance class or fashion design workshop. The pink themed holiday even includes as many Barbie related keepsakes as you can possible imagine. Think Barbie blankets and pillows, toiletry bag and toothbrush. It’ll launch in January 2013.

Love lockdown

Authorities in Rome are going against its image as a romantic city, by ordering the removal of dozens of love padlocks on an ancient bridge.

Couples from across the world have been declaring their enduring love, by placing padlocks on the Ponte Milvio Bridge in the city. Once locked in place, the key is dropped into the water, symbolizing young love and never ending romance.

However now bosses in the city say the rusting locks are causing irreparable damage to the ancient bridge and have started using the decidedly unromantic bolt cutters to take them down. Somehow we can’t see it putting off young love just yet!

Mini crime spree

Staff at New York’s JFK Airport were arrested this week, after allegedly stealing over 100,000 mini-bottles of alcohol meant for on board passengers.

The micro crime spree was uncovered after a nine month investigation known as ‘Operation Last Call’. It’s reported the staff had specific access to secure areas and they bribed security with pilfered bottles that they then sold on the black market.

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