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Top 24 Brunches in the world to make you drool
Purple 10: The Sunniest Places in the World
Off the beaten track: Taking a dip on the edge of the world

Top 24 Brunches in the world to make you drool

It’s brunch o’clock! 
Brunch o'clock!

Straddling between breakfast and lunch time, brunch has become the hottest trend these days… our favorite leisure break! It’s story was framed in the late 1800s by English and its’ fame was escalated after 130 years in the U.S. However, the word itself was first appeared in Hunter’s Weekly content when Guy Beringer asked the public to have only light meals before going to church on Sunday afternoon. He said that brunch gives you a more jaunty temper and you are instantly like an upbeat ‘’looney kid’’. He even suggested the local restaurants and pubs serving beer with a nice plate of delicacies instead of the typical English tea or coffee. However, there was a short mention on the Punch magazine in 1876 saying that when you eat at times which are a bit closer to breakfast, this is brunch… Read More

Purple 10: The Sunniest Places in the World


  1. Andalusia, Spain With more than 300 sunny days per year, Andalusia in Spain is considered to be Europe’s sunniest location.
  2. Yuma, Arizona, USA The brightest spot in the US is Yuma in Arizona with a whopping 4,050 hours of sun each year.
  3. Southern Chile, South America The stunning country of Chile receives up to 17 hours of sunlight on some days in the year. That’s a lot of sunbathing time.
  4. Cyprus In the summer months Cyprus is bathed in sunshine for up to 13 hours each and ever day. Time to grab a space on the beach.
  5. Canary Islands, Spain Visit the Canary Islands in the summer and soak up the sun with 11 hours of golden rays per day.
  6. Namibia, Africa With 300 days of sunshine, Namibia is the world’s queen of sunshine!
  7. Lisbon, Portugal In mid spring and for the whole of summer, this scenic harbour city receives between 9 and 12 hours of sun per day. What are you waiting for?
  8. Algeria, Africa With a sunshine average of 11.3 hours per day in July, Algeria is the ideal place to soak up that all important sun!
  9. Marseilles, France Close to the Mediterranean Coast, Marseilles gets up to 12 hours of sunshine a day in the summertime.
  10. Rhodes Island, Greece One of the biggest islands in Greece, Rhodes is also one of Europe’s sunniest destinations with about 300 days of sunshine a year.

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Off the beaten track: Taking a dip on the edge of the world

Vic Falls 6

Image via: http://bit.ly/TWoaJP

The whopping Victoria Falls and its surrounding area is a once-in-a-lifetime place to visit. Also known as the Devil’s Pool, September to December provides the ultimate in swimming at the edge of the world. The current at Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe forms a small pool, where visitors can watch over the 355 foot waterfall. But, would you be brave enough?

Vic falls 1

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Vic Falls 2

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Vic Falls 3

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Vic Falls 7

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Vic falls5

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