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Ten hotels that the Euro 2012 football teams are staying in
Football Crazy? Or maybe not.

Ten hotels that the Euro 2012 football teams are staying in

It has recently been announced by Rzeczpospolita, that the 13 teams staying in Poland during Euro 2012 pay a total of €227,000 a day for accommodation in or near the host cities. Portugal, which has chosen to reside in the Remes resort located in Opalenica, near Poznań, pays the highest rate at €33,000 per day, whilst defending champions Spain, whose players are worth a combined €600 million, are staying at the Hotel Mistral Sport in Gniewno for just €4,700 per day, the lowest amount paid by any of the 13 teams.

Take a peek at some of the chosen sites…

Hotel Bristol

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Football Crazy? Or maybe not.


Are you football mad? Will you be addicted to every game in Euro 2012, from the initial qualifier to the tense finals? Well, I have a confession to make. Although I will be supporting our team with gusto, thrilled at each goal and disappointed with each miss, I do have a tendency to daydream a little bit. At least I’m being honest about it, right? One of my favourite daydreaming topics is picturing myself on a picture perfect beach, or strolling up the cobbled streets of some historic town, possibly with a cocktail at the ready.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d offer some of the place I’ll be daydreaming about from Friday.. (in between huge cheers, of course!) Read More

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