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Off the beaten track: Electric Elephant Croatia festival
Weird and wonderful: World Chicken Festival
Release the Ducks!

Off the beaten track: Electric Elephant Croatia festival

For dedicated clubbers, the Electric Elephant Croatia festival taking place from 11th-15th July sounds like a paradise. As the festival is organised in the idyllic area of Garden Tisno, Croatia, music buffs can soak up the sounds from the beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.

TGF - Argonaughty arms in the air - credit www heathershuker co uk (3)

Electric Elephant 2012 - Disco ball credit www heathershuker co uk

For five days and five nights like-minded souls from across Europe and beyond unite for the best in summer sunshine and summer tunes. Electric Elephant also offers lots of other events, such as the legendary Argonaughty; sailing out across the glittering deep blue sea by day or simply enjoying nightly after parties at the amazing new outdoor club, Barbarellas.

Crazy P at TGF 2012 - main stage - credit www heathershuker co uk (2)

Sunset - credit www heathershuker co uk (2)

All images by www.heathershuker.co.uk

There are big names playing the festival in 2013, including genre-blending and extended set maestro Mr. Scruff, Kompakt’s Michael Mayer and Tobias Thomas, DJ Prosumer, DJ Nature, Pete Herbert, Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston, Optimo, Ivan Smagghe, Ewan Pearson.

If you’re planning on heading over for the festival, visit Purple Travel first for the best in flights and accommodation for any Croatia Festival. Weekend tickets cost £110.00. For more details head on over to ElectricElephant.co.uk.

Weird and wonderful: World Chicken Festival

If a bucket of KFC in front of the TV is your idea of heaven on earth then read on. Today sees the launch of the annual World Chicken Festival, paying tribute to the colonel and all things that cluck.

Named one of Kentucky’s top ten events, the festival prides itself on links to Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of the chain of restaurants. The very first one was established in the 1940s in Daniel Boone National Forest and it’s where the secret recipe is said to have originated.

The festival kicks off today, and is held every September in downtown London (USA, not UK!) The highlight has to be the world’s largest skillet, a frying pan measuring over ten feet. It’s operated by dedicated world chicken festival volunteers and has served over 120,000 pieces of fried deliciousness since 1992. It operates throughout the festival churning out hundreds if not thousands of crispy, chicken.

The whole festival, as you can imagine revolves around chicken, from the Chicken Invasion Sculpture Competition and a whole pile of chicken related contests. You’ll find, somewhat ironically, a 5km run as well as a hot wing eating contest and the Chick-O-Lympics, (just for kids though.) There’s also something called the Doubles Cornhole Tournament, although we haven’t actually figured out what that’s all about!

For more info, check out the official World Chicken Festival Page.

Release the Ducks!

There’s nothing we like better than a bit of randomness on our holidays and we think it’s safe to say, it probably doesn’t get any weirder than the Fiesta of the Ducks.

In beautiful Can Picafort, on Majorca’s Northern Coast, you’ll find one of the oldest festivals where every year, fishing boats release hundreds of rubber duckies into the sea, for locals to find and catch. The first one back to shore is the winner. The festival which happens around August 15th is a huge draw, with over 3,000 people going to watch and take part every year.

The strange thing (if a festival of rubber ducks isn’t strange enough!) is that it’s actually illegal. The local council has banned the fiesta, but according to reports, the town hall just goes ahead with it anyway and pays the fine afterwards. Even weirder is that it used to happen with real, life ducks. We’re not really sure that the ducks were too happy getting caught and brought to shore, now the family friendly event uses rubber ducks to make sure no animals are harmed.

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