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PurplePassport: Latest travel news

PurplePassport: Latest travel news

We’re rounding up some travel news you need to know about this week.

Greece guides
Greece has just had its second election of the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgetting about its holidaymakers!! There’s a big push this year to get people to visit and despite its perceived troubles, you won’t find a more relaxed, friendly and great value destination than the Greek Islands.
A new website has just launched to give first hand reviews of country. It wants to encourage people to tell their own stories about holidays to Greece, to find out why they should consider going. Volunteers can sign up to TrueGreece.org, to use social media to spread the good word about Greece.
If you’ve had a wonderful holiday to Greece, you can sign up, or even if you are thinking about it, check out what others are saying first. The website says its volunteers who sign up will be “tweeting and sharing the truth about Greece by responding to inaccuracies or speculations.” That’s certainly one way of setting the record straight!

Heathrow honours
If you’re flying to or from Heathrow Airportthis summer, keep your eyes peeled for this huge image right under the flight path. Ok, you might not need to keep them peeled, because let’s face it, it’s massive!As part of its #HomeAdvantage campaign for supporting our athletes in this year’s Olympics, eagle eyed passengers will spot a huge image of athletics favourite Jessica Ennis. It is bigger than 15 tennis courts and can be found in the Thornbury Playing Fields. We love this idea, and can’t wait to support all our wonderful athletes this year!

Packed pictures
Are you addicted to pictures on facebook and share every detail on twitter? Air New Zealand is getting in on the act with its I Am Packed site, which allows users to share pictures of the luggage. We might feel a little weird saying this, but it’s actually quite addictive!

In their own words they say, ‘when we travel, packing our bags is the first part of the adventure. Finding the balance between necessities, showing off in a new city, and leaving space for all your shopping is an art. I Am Packed is your chance to show us how you travel and gain a little bit of inspiration for when you hit a packing road block.’ If that’s your idea of a good time, it’s well worth checking out here and actually is becoming strangely addictive!

That’s our latest travel roundup; if you’ve got something we need to know about, please don’t forget to fill us in.

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