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Stockholm Metro Art – Taking Art Underground
The top 5 weird ways to travel on holidays

Stockholm Metro Art – Taking Art Underground

Art is all around us, whether in a piece of graffiti on the inner tunnel of a bridge or on a spotlight-hit wall at the MoMa. However, this is truest perhaps in Stockholm, whose entire Metro system is in essence, one huge underground art gallery. Out of 110 stations, just over 90 feature art created by some 150 artists. And the best bit? For little more than the price of a Stockholm Metro ticket, you can see everything from sculptures to mosaics, paintings to installations, messages from the 1950s right through to the 2000s.  Stockholm Syndrome – take that.

Beginning at T-centralen station, you will find 1950s tiling and reliefs on the walls, while at the Arsenalsgatan (blue line), you’ll see an archaeological installation of a dig complete with ancient columns. Solna Centrum station (blue line) is one of our favourites, morbid may it be. With a cavernous, blood red ceiling, from which the escalators break through, it appears more like a staircase to hell than a welcoming entrance to the Metro. In other words, we like.

Construction of the underground began in 1941, with the most recent addition completed in 1994. As many of the yawning hollow interiors where left with unfinished bedrock exposed, others were tiled or even embellished with Romanesque statues. In the 1950s, artists Vera Nilsson and Siri Derkert were behind the campaign to produce art in the Metro and in 1955, two motions on art in the Metro were submitted to Stockholm City Council in quick succession, the first by the Left Party, the second by the Social Democratic Party. And so work began.
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The top 5 weird ways to travel on holidays

If you want to stock up on cool points then of course a convertible or helicopter would be a top choice for travelling, but if you want real fun, then we think ‘the weirder the better.’ So, we’ve put together a little list of some of the more unusual choices of holiday transport. Stranger than a camel, faster than your two legs, here are our top 5 weird ways to see your destination.


Ok, so no one is ever going to look super cool on a segway, but don’t let that put you off. No, really, don’t!! These electric powered bike/unicycle hybrids have been bringing the energy deficient around since launching a couple of years ago. You’ll find them in lots of sun destinations and are really popular with kids who love whizzing around in circles. Plus they’re really simple to use, so you can breathe a sigh of relief that they want a go.

However, we’ve got a warning for you… if Justin Timberlake can’t even make it look good, you might just have to accept you won’t win any cool awards!


When in Rome… or in this case Venice, a gondola trip might seem pricey or touristy but it’s well worth it. The good news is gondola fares are set by local officials, which means you can usually find a better price if there are a couple of you together. But, in our opinion, a trip with just you, your other half and your driver around the canals under the moonlight is a truly magical experience. Ps. Singing is not obligatory for gondoliers, but you might just get lucky!


It might not strictly fall under the category of travel, but zorbing is about as much fun as you can have in an enclosed plastic sphere. It’s sort of built like a bubble of plastic inside another, you get strapped in and hold on for dear life. So, hop in and you’ll be rolled down hill for a seriously adventurous and sometimes a bit of a bumpy ride. A quick warning, zorbing is not really for the faint-hearted, so remember this before you commit to it.

Beer Bike

Yes, you did read that right. The beer bike is basically a little caravan with seats that carries 30 litres of beer and up to 18 people. You’ll find it in Amsterdam and better get ready to put your pedal power to action, as you help driver Bob to cycle it around the city.


Did you know New York City offers kayak tours? No, us either, but now that we’ve thought about it, we’re dying to go. Head down to Pier 40 on Houston Street and you’ll get hooked up with your very own kayak to take down the Hudson. Take in the sights like the Lady Liberty, and views of the Manhattan skyline as far as the Brooklyn Bridge.

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